The First Day
Sunday, April 04, 2004
Just watched Good Will Hunting for the first time. What a fantastic film. The idea that if you do not fulfill your potential, you are letting down not just yourself, but all those others who would give anything to have the chance. That concept rang a little bell in my head somewhere. However, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this new-found inspiration, or even if it will survive ten minutes of being at work tomorrow morning.

On Friday I had a nice evening with Genette. We had a delicious meal at a Thai resturant in Wimbledon called 'The Flaming Wok'. Great atmosphere - highly recommended. Then over to Walkabout to grab another drink (VB - what else?), before heading back to Genette's flat with a DVD. We'd intended to get something really scary, but somehow ended up with the remake of The Italian Job. After opening another bottle of wine and snuggling up on the sofa, we only managed about half an hour of the film before we gave up on that source of entertainment and concentrated on each other. The next morning was spent lazily cuddled up in bed, eventually rousing ourselves for lunch at Nando's.

Saturday night was take-away and movies at Fez's place. We watched 'X-Men'. Not bad. Probed Matt about Parminder and had a good laugh at some of the school-disco-style communications that have been going on.

Today has largely been spent polishing my car. During this I've been trying to rationalise my thoughts regarding Carly and Genette. I've spent the last year believing, admittedly to varying degrees, that Carly is the women for me. It is taking time for me to undo that, not least because a big part of me still believes it. Conversely I find I have to think to remember the details of my relationship with Carly, and that really worries me. It seems as if it would be easy to move on and let myself forget, but surely that would be doing a huge injustice to what has happened?

Need to write this more often.

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